Our mission is to make from all SMEs global players.

We love the job, that is why we are so good at it.

What we believe
At Explect, we believe we can make all SMEs global players. There should not be a border to make your trade. It is already hard to do all the trading with physical borders, boundaries, or political agendas. That’s why we build Explect Online. To make trade as easy as possible so you can focus on your business’s growth and becoming a global player.


Explect Leaders
At Explect, expertise is the key factor of success. The leadership is done by industry experts with decades of technology and logistics—experience and the need to help others and driven to make global trade easier for you!

Explect team
This is a part of our Explect team. Explect consists of a team that is always ready for its customers. They are here to help you!  They are the reason for our success.


The biggest reward is the customers we see growing and the number of satisfied customers. Yet there are also a number of other milestones that we As Explect are proud of.

Now you know it all
Join Explect, and let us help you enable growth within your company. We would like it if you, too, become a customer at Explect.

Let’s do it; let us contact you to discuss all the options.