One platform for you or an entire team.

Request a price in 4 steps with instant prices. Simple booking, communication, documents quickly up & download, Explect Online brings all your logistics in one place. Get more insight, save time, and be in control.

Easily find the information you need. From the start to the end of the journey, we ensure that your shipment runs smoothly. Always stay informed and know exactly when your goods leave and arrive.

Companies often face the choice between speed and costs. LCL and FCL may be less expensive, but not always the fastest option. Airfreight is, therefore, faster, but in terms of price, many times higher. To make a choice easy, we give three options to fast, green, or cheap. The advantages and disadvantages are quickly visible to you.

explect online

We Move Your Freight Easy

simpler bookings, communication, and collaboration.

No more hard choices, but easy options.

We know how to organize it. You know what your company needs. By offering all modalities in three forms; fast, win-win, and cheap, you no longer have to worry about the question of how? But you can 100% focus on what does my company need.

We say NO more spreadsheets!

NO more long email chains!

Make use of the technology of the future.

As a company, you want to grow and move with the future; shouldn’t your forwarder do the same?

Say goodbye to the lack of transparency. Explect Online offers visibility, control, low and predictable supply chain costs, with faster and more reliable transit times. Everything you would expect from a technology platform.

You can easily receive and ship goods worldwide with Explect Online. Trading globally becomes accessible through our secure cloud software platform. Explect Online is unique in its kind. The combination of technology, data analysis, and logistics infrastructure is something no other forwarder does.

More than online

If we ask our customers how they experience Explect, the most mentioned quotes; reliable, making it easy, helpful, and friendly.
While our online platform makes doing international business easier for you, it is not where it stops.
We have a great team with a mix of innovative people with experience and knowledge in both digital solutions and the logistics sector. We are happy to share this knowledge with you.

We would love to get to know you and help you

Let’s explore & connect, our team is ready to help you!

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