Our mission is to make from all SMEs global players.

This is why we make shipping easy; we make it happen!

As a forwarder, we help with all your transport needs, logistics, import, and export. We make shipping easier for you. By far, the easiest available, from your first request, up to delivery. Whether it is a small box or a full container, we offer you the solution to your needs. We are your independent and trusted advisor, our mission: to make you a Global Player.


We Move Your Freight Easy

simpler bookings, communication, and collaboration.

Why should you choose Explect?

We have an extraordinary:

Experienced Team

With multiple years of experience, we got an expert team to support you. They are providing you the best care.

Logistic Platform

Your online all-in-one solution for your airfreight, sea-freight, road transport, rail, and express-services.

Global network

Get access to a global network. We have a worldwide network which we make available just for you!

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    Move Your Freight Across All Modes:

    Organize your sea freight, both LCL and FCL

    Easily organize all your intermodal transport

    Organize all your air freight from door to door

    Send all your parcels quickly and easily

    Organize all your road transport easily

    Your customs requirements easily arranged

    More than online

    If we ask our customers how they experience Explect, the most mentioned quotes; reliable, making it easy, helpful, and friendly.
    While our online platform makes doing international business easier for you, it is not where it stops.
    We have a great team with a mix of innovative people with experience and knowledge in both digital solutions and the logistics sector. We are happy to share this knowledge with you.

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